Shameless Self-Promotion

I was born in the midst of an American resurgence of hope, optimism and renewal which prevailed after World War II. Replacing thoughts of war with idealistic dreams created an environment that was especially good for many children. In addition, my parents cared little about most people’s opinion of them so our family (I was the third of nine children) tended to approach life with unashamed zeal. Together, these influences encouraged me to seek boldness and bright color in life.

I recently published a book which provides a personal account of growing up during the idealistic 1950’s and coming of age during the 1960’s. Bagging The Bunny tells true stories about family and friends who use wit, half-wit and a sense of adventure to tackle life’s challenges.

Stories in the book illustrate that everyday experiences provide people with opportunities to inject a considerable amount of gusto into their lives. Readers are shown that daily living can be approached in ways that lead to bright and spirited lives. Bagging The Bunny is the first book in a series and other books in the series will be released soon.

In view of the busy lives which most of us experience, the books of this series are short enough to be read in a single evening, on an airplane flight or while relaxing at the beach. Bagging The Bunny is available as an ebook from most major ebook retailers (e.g. Smashwords) and is available in paperback from A sample of the ebook can be downloaded for free so take a look to see if it might appeal to you!

Please excuse this shameless self-promotion of my new book!

Randall R Bresee