Black and White Spider Awards

The Spider Award website is a terrific place to see a lot of really fine black and white photographs. Awards were recently announced for Spider’s 8th international competition which boasted nearly 10,000 entries from 75 countries. Entries were reviewed online and judges honored the entries with 246 title awards and 938 nominees. The honored photographs can be viewed here.

I was fortunate to have two photographs honored as nominees. Womanly Curves emphasized the hour glass shape of a woman’s hips and was recognized as a nominee in the Amateur Abstract category. Johnson Lake emphasized scenic symmetry and was recognized as a nominee in the Amateur Nature category. These two photographs have been discussed previously here in The Poop On Pictures.

Visit the Spider Awards website at the link provided above to see a lot of strong black and white images from photographers around the world and to take a quick look at my two photographs.

Randall R Bresee