Great Video – Colorado’s Highway of Legends

While on my photo trip to Colorado last month, I was in the process of taking a photograph along the gorgeous Highway of Legends when a passing car stopped. The driver, Scott Medsker of Vision-Finder Productions, was making a video about the Highway of Legends and interviewed me for the video.

My 4inch x 5inch view camera was set up and I wore a viewfinder around my neck along with other equipment I have blogged about. If you want to take a look at photographic equipment I use, enjoy Scott’s beautiful video footage of the Highway of Legends or see a video production of exceptional quality, check out the following link:

You can see me in two short segments which begin at the 1:06 min and 7:25 min marks. Enjoy!

Randall R Bresee

One thought on “Great Video – Colorado’s Highway of Legends

  1. Randy, Tammy and I really enjoyed meeting you and having the opportunity to interview you. We still have all the material, so one of these days we might get around to editing another video about you and your process. Best of luck and get in touch if you are ever back in Colorado. Beautiful photos by the way, can’t wait to see what you have from the highway of legends.


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