LensWork Magazine Photographs

LensWork is one of the best places to see images and read commentary about black & white photography and the creative process. A magazine is available by subscription in both hardcopy and online versions (http://www.LensWork.com) and thoughtful commentary is issued daily in a free column called LensWork Daily (http://Daily.LensWork.com) where a wide variety of topics that are pertinent to photography and the creative process are discussed.

I am pleased to announce that I had two photographs published in the Nov-Dec (No. 97) 2011 issue of LensWork Magazine.

The first photo is one of my most popular images, “Athabasca Indians Keeping Watch.” This image shows a powerful waterfall of the Athabasca River that is fueled by a torrent of whitewater from summer glacial melt in the enormous Columbia Icefields of Canada. Athabasca Indians inhabited this area of Jasper National Park and I tried to visually develop a feeling that powerful native Indian spirits were present at the scene. This theme dominated my image acquisition effort and rocks surrounding the water seem to reveal Athabasca Indian faces quietly keeping watch at the waterfall.

The other photo also was recorded in Jasper National Park. Spectacular mountains occupy vast areas of the park and great photo opportunities can be seen in every direction. Communicating such vastness effectively in landscape photographs often is easier said than done and I took an unusual approach for this photo. I used atmospheric haze as a visual cue to the enormous scale of the mountains so image acquisition was dominated by the haze which filled the vast mountain space rather than the mountains themselves. This image is appropriately called, “Mountain Haze.”

Take a look at LensWork to see the photographs or visit the “Western Canada” gallery of my website to see them: http://www.RandallRBreseePhoto.com

Randall R Bresee

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