About Randall R Bresee

Several people have asked me to provide a little personal information about my background so I am providing a brief sketch of myself in this short post.

I worked for nearly 30 years as a university professor where I developed analytical tools to investigate textile materials. I was an early adopter of digital photography using both conventional and high-speed imaging with pulsed laser illumination. Much of my work involved developing automated computer-controls for sample positioning, lens focusing, image processing and image analysis to obtain unattended physical measurements from textile materials. This work resulted in 5 patents, more than 100 research publications, numerous research presentations at technical conferences and 32 computer software copyrights.

I also have performed textile material consulting for several well-known criminal cases including the “Dingo Baby” murder case (Australia vs Chamberlain), the “Main Line Murder” case (Pennsylvania vs Smith), the “Hillside Strangler” murder case (California vs Buono) and the “Atlanta Serial Child Murder” case (Georgia vs Wayne Williams). I investigated the mechanism of image formation on the Shroud of Turin and conducted analysis of a historic fabric swatch believed to be from the coat Abraham Lincoln wore the night he was assassinated at Ford’s Theater. My university work led to an enormous amount of mass media recognition including “Time Magazine,” “The Mysterious Man of the Shroud” (CBS television), “Unsolved Mysteries” (NBC television), ABC/NBC/CNN national television news, “What Will They Think of Next?” (Canadian television), “The Rush Limbaugh Show”¬† and mention in numerous books, magazines and newspapers around the world.

As a non-professional part of my life, I enjoyed using photography to produce nature and abstract fine art but kept my images mostly to myself. I was able to retire early from university life and the free time I gained provided an opportunity to pursue my personal photography more fully. That led to a website, http://www.RandallRBreseePhoto.com, to “show off” some of my images and later to this blog to discuss the making of photographic art.

I currently reside in Tennessee near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park where I often hike and photograph. I enjoy travel to photograph and enjoy nature at many locations. Even though I have a long history of digital imaging for scientific applications, I prefer film-based photography for my personal work producing high-quality, large black & white fine art prints.

Randall R Bresee